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Writing/Ebook Cover & VA Services

Do you need content writing, copywriting, editing or other virtual assistance to ensure that your business will succeed? Let me help you!

What sets me apart?

I write SEO-friendly blog posts, website content and other copy that will shine a light on your business and brand. I'm a native English speaker capable of giving your content a compelling voice that has been well edited and crafted.

My background includes over five years of writing, blogging and authoring books as well as ten years working in traditional administrative office roles. 

I have created content in the following subjects: parenting, writing, blogging, self-publishing, eldercare, health/fitness, real estate, relationships, food, travel, film/t.v., frugal living, and finance.

Check out the tasks I may be able to help you with. Feel free to inquire if you don't see something on this list that you'd like assistance with.

Content I Can Write/Edit

·       Blog posts with SEO
·       Website content 
·       Landing pages
·       Facebook posts
·       Email newsletter copy
·       Press releases
·       Articles
·       Resumes/cover letters
·       Query letters
·       Book blurbs
·       Ghostwriting 
·       Loglines, hooks or slogans
·       Elevator Pitches
·       Short ebooks

Virtual Assistant Services (Administrative Business Tasks)

  •     Data entry
  •     Responding to email
  •     Managing Facebook/Twitter
  •     Internet research
  •     Format ebooks
  •     Design FB graphics and ebook covers with Canva 
    Check out my current ebook covers in my Ebook Covers on the Cheap Facebook Group.

    I am proficient at using Google Docs, Word, Canva, Wordpress using Thrive Themes, Blogger and Facebook. Check out my Wordpress blog/website to get an idea of my writing and design: Pen and Parent

    Rates: My rates are competitive and reasonable. 

    I will happily quote a price for your project ahead of time so there are no surprises. For small/short projects invoices are sent when the project is completed and sent. For larger projects, half of the fee may be due up front. I invoice via Paypal. 

    My fee includes one round of edits if required by the client.

    If you prefer, try a bundled monthly package: 

    2 500-word pieces for $75

    4 1000-word blogs for $300

    4 hours of virtual assistant services $120

    1 custom ebook cover $39

    Email me at to let me know what you need. I'm happy to try a paid one-hour trial or quick writing assignment to make sure we work well together. 


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