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Books by Melissa Uhles

Write Compelling Content (by Amber Roshay, edited by Melissa Uhles)

Grammar for Writers & Bloggers (by Amber Roshay, edited by Melissa Uhles)

How to Make a Living as a Writer (co-written with Amber Roshay)

We Love You No Matter What (a Children's Picture Book)

Books written under the pen name MJ Greenway

Falling is a YA Contemporary Romance. It's available as an audio book too!

Acting is a YA novella and a sequel to Falling.

Dating Maggie is a new adult contemporary romance/chick-lit novel.

Sarah Starting Over is a romantic mystery

Greyson Starting Over is a romantic mystery novella that picks up where Sarah Starting Over ended.

The Proposition is a billionaire romance co-written with Anna Starr.


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The Benefits of Hiring a Writer

How do you know when it’s time to hire a content creator or writer? Have you grown your blog to the point where advertising, affiliate links and your own products are are bringing in regular revenue? Do you have a small business that could be bringing in more leads if only you had time to get regular content up on your site?

Maybe you’ve just realized that in order to keep the money pouring in you have to keep churning out weekly or bi-weekly content. That groundwork may have already brought you the success you’ve achieved. But if you are running out of ideas and starting to feel burned out, it might be time to hire help.

If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time to consider hiring a freelance content writer for your blog or business. Following are 5 reasons it will benefit you.

Generate More Traffic with More Content

Google loves consistent, quality, long form content. If you’d like to get more eyeballs on your website, creating more content over time helps a lot.


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